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The mongols did use the existing governmental structure of the chinese, but the language they used was mongol, and the officials in key positions were nonchinese from other parts of their empire even an italian named marco polo. The gazetteer gives all versions of the toponyms in that area that are not written in. Animated maps software free download animated maps top 4 download offers free software downloads for windows, mac, ios and android computers and mobile devices. World powers 1957 the most striking feature of this map is its unusual viewpoint or projection.

A summary of the rise and fall of the mongol empire. Religious history of the mongols, art of the mongol empire. Map showing the mongol khanates during the period of mongol domination of central and east asia, as well as kingdoms and empire in other areas of the world at this time. Golden horde chagatai khanate ilkhanate empire of the great khan yuan dynasty. The worksheet includes ten questions and has an answer key for the te. Polo fought on the side of his hometown venice, was captured, and spent some time in a genoa prison. The mongols in china beginnings of mongol collapse. The mongol empire, an area ruled by the great mongol khans in the th and 14th centuries, was one of the largest land empires in history. How many modern day countries did the mongol empire occupy. At its greatest extent, it covered some 9 million square miles of territory, making it the largest contiguous land empire in history. The british, roman and mongol empire in one map 57x628. This was caused by the fact the mongols were not very keen on the city life and preferred. Map showing changes in borders of the mongol empire from founding by. The destruction caused by the mongol empire is a fact.

The map of asia by 1500 looked much different than it did in 1200. The mongol empire 3d scene mozaik digital learning mozaweb. Use another bright color to trace the border of the region containing turkey. The mongol empire existed during the th and 14th centuries and was the largest contiguous land empire in history. Compare the historical map and the modern map answer the following questions with your partner. Why did the mongol empire disintegrate so rapidly after its peak.

Why did the mongol empire disintegrate so rapidly after. After more than a century of power, the mongol empire ended and mongolia fell back into a state of internal struggle and feuds, which paved the way for the manchu conquest of inner mongolia in 1636 and the submission of outer mongolia in 1691. The publicworks projects that the mongols initiated in china the building of the capital city in daidu beijing, the construction of a summer capital in shangdu xanadu, the building of roads and a network of postal stations, the extension of the grand canal were all extraordinarily costly. The perfect mongol empire animated gif for your conversation. Map of mongol empire, th century by universal map the mongol empires, th century identifies nine separate empires. The mongol empire, including their conquests of china, the middle east and russia under genghis khan and his successors. When all is said and done it is relatively easy to change your static map to an animated map.

Mongol empire lesson plan kristin hocks teaching portfolio. Similarly, i will be able to informally assess the students understanding based on the smallgroup discussions, as. Uses modern day borders mongol empire by 1294 the empire had split into. The worksheet allows students to read a short primary source from the writings of marco polo. By 1264 kublai had emerged as the victor, recognised by all as great khan reigned 126494. A schematic map of the mongol empire of genghis khan temujin and descendants through the several stages of conquest in its short but impressive existence in history. By the end of the lesson, students will have completed the graphic organizer listing the positive and negative effects of the mongol conquest, giving me an informal assessment of their understanding of the readings. The middle east is essentially the basis of western culture, and is also the place where the abrahamic religions of the west were born, making it incredibly desirable. The timemaps premium service offers more indepth map resources than those available free. These are especially useful for teachers and their students, but will also be of interests to others.

His main field of research is the history of the relations between china and inner asia from prehistory to the modern period. Animated map showing the territorial expansion of the mongol empire the animation covers the the period 1206 to 1294, starting with the founding of the mongol empire. Animated map of the mongols attempt to invade japan in 1274. They used the military plan of surrender or dieand sometimes those who surrendered would be killed to serve as an example to other people. This means the mongols occupied chinese lands and ruled them but were not from the china themselves. Kublais most notable achievement was the final conquest of south china. Why did some us institutions not migrate their very old software systems to use somewhat newer ones. Mongol empire the travels of marco polo after his visit to the mongol empire, marco polo returned home just in time for a war between the city states of venice and genoa. Within the mongol empire, fullscale civil war broke out between the various leading contenders of the great khanate. The mongol empire was founded by genghis khan in 1206. Best travel map making programs for freetravel map making. Maps of the mongol empire 120668, mongol offensives, and succeeding mongol dynasties in asia and eastern europe. The original homeland of the mongols, was bounded by the khingan mountains on the east, the altai and tian mountains on the west, the shilka river and the mountain ranges by lake baikal on the north, and the great wall of china on the south. Mongolia releases trailer for very first animated movie genghis khan.

Find and explore maps by keyword, location, or by browsing a map. He is currently working on questions of climate change at the time of the mongol empire, the political thought of the early manchus, and commercial relations in northeast asia on the eve of the qing conquest. Shrivijava empire, siam, mataram empire, and others. Specific versions of the map will show exactly how the empire reshaped the geographical knowledge of east asian, persoarabic, and latin christian societies in the late middle ages. Karakorum this city was the capital of the mongol empire between 1235 and 1260. For illustration you can see, how big was the mongol empire founded by genghis khan and how and when conducted various discharges. Animated map of the rise and fall of the ottoman empire. Mongolian, mongol invasion, mongol empire, history, middle ages, ruler, yurt, volcano, conquest, conqueror, capital city, map, blank map, map knowledge, earth. This worksheet allows students to use a primary source document to learn about mongol warriors and their armies according to marco polo. Learn more about the mongol empire in this article. Undoubtedly, the largest empire in the existence of human history was the mongol empire, once a hodgepodge of warring nomadic tribes from central asia before banding together under the banner of temujin, better known as genghis khan. Update the legend to reflect the colors that you added to the map.

Climate change and the rise of an empire institute for. The mongol empire the mongol people the mongolian population was never very large, but they were able to conquer many areas because of their large army. This article discusses several map programs and applications that are currently available for free to make a static and dynamic travel map. Genghis khan genghis khan was their fiercest leader of the mongol empire expanded the empire to be largest empire in history.

In the th century, mongolia was the center of the mongol empire, the largest contiguous land empire in world history. Maps of the mongol empire 120668, mongol offensives. Indeed, the states that grew out of the dust of the crumbling mongol empire owed their existence to the mongols in one form or another. The units are of the same authoritative quality you already see on the site. Map of the mongol empire turn to page r11 in the back of your book. New maps, buildings, units, resources, technologies and characters enrich and expand. Khan mongol empire map more maps lux alliance game info. Map showing changes in borders of the mongol empire from founding by genghis khan in 1206, genghis khans death in 1227 to the rule of kublai khan 12601294. Mongol khanate founded by genghis khans grandson batu. It extended from the pacific ocean to the danube river and the persian gulf. Find out how the conquests of ghengis khan and the mongol empire helped. Animated maps software free download animated maps top. This is a tricky strategywarfare game try to wipe out the military of opposing nations.

Indeed, it was the mongols who took the divided han chinese realms. Thus, one may argue that the death of mongke khan in 1259 meant the end of the mongol empire, although the mongol empires would continue to thrive. Empire building, roleplaying, virtual world tagged with. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It was based in southern russia and quickly adopted both the turkic language and islam. A bitter divide now existed in the west, and the in the east, the great khan became only interested in china. The mongol empire animation is a simple outline on a satellite backdrop.

Timemap map animations indepth time map the university of. These examples represent a history of our map animation work, from early. Map of the mongol empire the art of asia history and maps. This category has the following 5 subcategories, out of 5 total. As the largest land empire in history, the mongol empire plays an important role in the history of colonialism in china. This article was included in the 2006 wikipedia cd selection, or is a candidate for inclusion in the next version see mongol empire at wikipedia for schools. Between the 1200s and the mid 1400s it is estimated that the mongols killed around 40 million. An online project for museum visitors, teachers, students, and everyone interested in asian art, culture, and history featuring objects from the minneapolis institute of arts permanent collection. The mongol empire germantown municipal school district. To the empire as a whole, these years of the civil war meant an end to cohesion. Timemaps world history timeline the free atlas of world. On the map, label each region of the mongol empire with a number showing the order in which the region was conquered. Devised in 1948 by john bartholomew of the famous cartographic dynasty, the atlantis projection abandons the common atlas convention of depicting maps that show the arctic at the top and the antarctic at the bottom, with the atlantic in between.

The mongol empire rapidly expanded to become the largest land empire in history, but then it disintegrated just as rapidly. Please maintain high quality standards and, if possible, stick to gfdlcompatible images. Mongolia releases trailer for very first animated movie. Map showing the mongol or khan dynasty with capital cities and current country boundaries. This section gives an overview of genghis khan and the mongol conquest of china.

Originating in mongolia, the mongol empire eventually stretched from eastern europe and parts of central europe to the sea of japan, extending northward into parts of the arctic. The mongol empire existed during the th and 14th centuries, and was the largest contiguous land empire in history, and the second largest empire in history, only behind the british empire. Map showing changes in borders of the mongol empire from founding by genghis. Animated map showing the territorial expansion of the mongol empire the animation covers the the period 1206 to 1294, starting with the. Although the capital of such a big empire it was not very densely populated. Golden horde chagatai khanate ilkhanate empire of the great khan yuan dynasty source.

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