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Willis plays art jeffries, an undercover fbi agent who protects a 9yearold autistic boy, simon lynch played by miko hughes, who is targeted by government assassins after he cracks a top secret government code. An artist slowly goes insane while struggling to pay his bills, work on his paintings, and care for his two female roommates, which leads him taking to the streets of new york after dark and randomly killing derelicts with a power drill. Directed by harold becker, the movie is based on ryne douglas pearsons 1996 novel originally published as simple simon, which was the working title of the film. Bruce willis plays art jeffries, an fbi agent with attitude. Margot farley, michael worth, john saxon, mitzi kapture. Dec 28, 2011 international superstar bruce willis, along with lily tomlin, emily mortimer, and spencer breslin star in the hilarious and heartwarming comedy disneys the kid. Family man bruce willis becomes a crazed vigilante in the new death wish trailer from mgm. Now simon lynch, an autistic boy who has an affinity for puzzles sees it and. Bruce willis and alec baldwin shines, respectively, as both the good. March 19, 1955 duponts loss was hollywoods gain when bruce willis left behind life at the chemical factory for a life as a bartender and struggling actor in new york.

Its effortless and this old lady who took some serious film study is glad for it. All bruce willis movies ranked bruce willis movies ranked. Bruce willis, an autistic kid and lots of explosions. Originally slated for release in late 2017, the film was recently bumped to 2018. That smirk on bruce williss face is sending a message.

On the movie front, an action classicone of the action classics, as a matter of facthits hbo on april 1. Autism on screen mercury rising a is for aoife not autism. A promising thriller with tough guy bruce willis wearing an evermore radiant tapestry of bruises on his face, the film ultimately. Plenty of action and twists in the plot to keep you interested. There is a little boy named simon who is autistic, and is very good at puzzles. The lives of two mob hitmen, a boxer, a gangster and his wife, and a pair of diner bandits intertwine in four tales of violence and redemption. How edward norton wore many hats on his latest film as writer, director, producer, and star of motherless brooklyn, edward norton leaned on the pedigree of castmates alec baldwin and willem dafoe to pull off his complex new film.

Ben afflecks the accountant walks the line with autism. What is the movie with bruce willis as a cop and he protects this autistic child and the child say mom,mom,mom, simon is home please help. Please help to improve this list by introducing more precise citations. Honestly, whichever movie bruce willis is in and in front of me is my favorite. His character christian wolff is a math savant and genius bookkeeper with movie star looks to. Especially for the quantity of similarities that has with the led one for bruce willis mercury rising with a miko hughes playing the role of an autistic child prosecuted by the villains and that needs protection. But when he meets a dancer named alexia, the two discover together that the toughest fight may be not be of the body, but of the heart. It stars bruce willis and spencer breslin, with emily mortimer, lily tomlin, chi mcbride, and jean smart playing smaller roles. Shadowy elements in the nsa target a nineyear old autistic savant for death when he is able. James mcavoy, bruce willis, anya taylorjoy, sarah paulson, samuel l.

Of course, the premise of the movie, that the government would rather kill someone who can break their code rather than fixing the problems with the code, is incredibly stupid. Some probably many people have criticised mercury rising for being so unrealistic and cliched, and im not going to argue with that, but i cant say i think its a bad movie. They have a strong character build and situations to test the character of the hero. Eli roth directed the revenge drama, a remakereboot of 1974s death wish with charles bronson.

Bruce willis plays an fbi agent on the run with miko hughes, whose. Oct 30, 2014 this movie is typical of the quality we have come to expect from bruce willis movies. Bruce willis wife shows him love as he isolates with his. Kevin mcavoy from shyamalans split and david willis from his unbreakable are incarcerated together with the second films mr glass jackson, in this closer to the trilogy. He just has this iconic presence and steals the screen no matter who is acting with him. As usual, bruce willis puts on a memorable performance, this time as fbi agent art jeffries, a likable character, and thenchild actor miko hughes is also impressive. The world embraces bruce because he is nonchalant, likeable, and tough. To optimize your experience with your screen reading software, please use our website, which has the same tickets as our fandango. Top 36 movies and tv shows featuring autism autism. Into this case we change bruce willis into an irresponsible youngster and to miko hughes into an autistic teenager.

Aug 12, 2012 portrayal of autism in mercury rising. The purpose of the video is to portrays the characteristic autism through the movie mercury rising. This movie is typical of the quality we have come to expect from bruce willis movies. The kids parents are dead due to what had sloppily been made to look like a murdersuicide. Rumer willis and sisters reveal theyre all in recovery. Here is our list of the best movies on aspergers syndrome and autism. Top 36 movies and tv shows featuring autism autism research. The kid marketed as disneys the kid is a 2000 american fantasy comedydrama film, directed by jon turteltaub and written by audrey wells. The best aspergers and autism movies aspergers test site. Bruce willis celebrity profile check out the latest bruce willis photo gallery, biography, pics, pictures, interviews, news, forums and blogs at rotten tomatoes. Bruce willis, alec baldwin, and miko hughes star in this movie about a 9yearold boy with autism who has a knack for breaking codes. Jump to navigation jump to search this list includes a list of references, but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient. Bruce willis is out for blood in new death wish trailer.

In this case it is an autistic child and the danger to the child from the bad guys and from his own disability. I am a mother of three incredible children with autism and it has been a long journey to figure out how to take care of their different needs. Ben afflecks the accountant walks the line with autism and. With bruce willis, miko hughes, alec baldwin, chi mcbride. Williss career began in television in 1984, most notably as david addison in moonlighting 19851989, and has continued both in television and film since, including comedic, dramatic, and action roles. In mercury rising, the mercury may rise but pulses never do. So all in all, if you need a good sedative, or are a huge bruce willis fan, this films for you.

So while the degree to which autism was explored was disappointing, mercury rising did provide another portrait of what an autistic person can be like. Bruce willis full list of movies and tv shows in theaters, in production and upcoming films. It should be noted that, while garys idiosyncrasies are close to hollywood autism stereotype, he is a much more nuanced and threedimensional character than is usual and has been praised by autistic fans as a realistic and thoughtful depiction of a fairly sociallyfunctional autistic person. The movie begins with the two obligatory scenes of most rogue lawman scenarios.

Bruce willis is a police detective tasked with finding a murderer who kills his victims via their android surrogates. I believe this film, mercury rising, does a good job of depicting the amazing gifts and perspective that accompany autism. Nineyearold simons unique view on numbers and puzzles helped him crack what was thought to be an impenetrable code which conceals some of the nations most important secrets. And a way to throw it all away with misfires like bonfire of the vanities and hudson hawk. The film tells the story of cole sear haley joel osment, a boy who is able to see and talk to the dead, and malcolm crowe bruce willis, a child psychologist who tries to help him. When an autistic boy decodes a government national security code fbi agent art willis is assigned to protect him from assassination. The latest bruce willis for 2018 is a remake of the charles bronson 1970s movie death wish.

Actor and musician bruce willis is well known for playing wisecracking or hardedged characters, often in spectacular action films. An excellent scifi action movie set in a future where people remain in doors and experience the outside world through a mental link to androids. Preclueless, amy heckerling helmed this hilarious comedy starring kirstie alley as an unwitting mother to baby mikey whose thoughts are voiced to the audience by bruce willis. He told an interviewer, if you guys vote for al gore, youre out of your minds. Mercury rising possessed many qualities that you dont get from any other action movies good plot, cast and what an ending. Bruce willis is an outcast fbi agent who protects a 9 year old autistic boy who is the target for assassins after cracking a top secret government code. Mercury rising 1998 rotten tomatoes movie trailers. Walter bruce willis was born on march 19, 1955, in. While the world knows bruce willis as an alist actor, few know that he struggled with stuttering throughout his first 20 years. Walter bruce willis was born on march 19, 1955, in the town of idaroberstein, west germany. Simon is a nineyearold autistic boy who has cracked the governments. Mercury rising is a very conventional government bad guys story about evil agents out to kill an autistic boy who can break their top code. When an autistic boy cracks a government code, its up to an fbi agent bruce willis to protect the kid from a program chief alec baldwin who. Jan 19, 2018 this may even perhaps be one of the worst depictions of autism on screen in my opinion.

Art jeffries bruce willis, a renegade fbi agent, combats ruthless federal agents to protect simon, a nineyearold autistic boy who has. Bruce willis goes for strategy over action as an exfbi agent protecting a brilliant autistic boy from the nsa. He breaks some top secret code that someone put into a word puzzle book. In november 2000 he urged his fans to vote for republican candidate george w. There arent many showmen like bruce willis left in the biz. Mary, a lonely, eightyearold girl living in the suburbs of melbourne, and max, a fortyfouryear old, severely obese man living in new york. The teenager exhibits many features of autism such as social withdrawal, no languge, and stereotypic behaviors.

Actor, musician and even producer of american movies bruce willis actually walter bruce willison was born on 19 march 1955. Bruce willis, a formerly star fbi agent whose star is falling due to his insubordination while getting too emotionally involved in a case, is given what seems like a simplistic taskhelp police track down a missing kid. This spate of autism buddycop movies included mercury rising 1998 with bruce willis, silent fall 1994 with richard dreyfuss and tv movie the innocent 1994 with kelsey grammer. Willis has always been a box office success during his. Bruce willis is an american actor, film producer, singer, songwriter, and screenwriter. The movie is about an autistic child simon starring miko hughes who was able to break a million dollar code call mercury. A nineyearold autistic savant boy, simon lynch miko hughes is given an adult puzzle book by his teacher, and deciphers a phone number in a. In the movie, the couple is donald played by josh hartnett and isabella played by radha mitchell. On the tv a bruce willis movie was showing called mercury rising which is an action thriller film starring bruce willis who plays an undercover fbi agent who protects a 9yearold autistic boy who is targeted by government assassins after he cracks a top secret government code. In 1998s mercury rising, bruce willis protects a child with autism from assassins, and hugh dancy played a lonely man with aspergers in 2009s adam. Willis s career began in television in 1984, most notably as david addison in moonlighting 19851989, and has continued both in television and film since, including. A plot like this is something usually associated with steven seagal. Mercury rising is a 1998 american action thriller film starring bruce willis and alec baldwin. Rumer, scout and tallulah, the three daughters of bruce willis and demi moore, have all revealed they are in recovery for alcohol and other issues.

This film is intended to demonstrate some stereotypes about autism. The german tvchannel rtl cut all of the violence out of the movie, to send it on an. Mercury rising harold becker, bruce willis, alec baldwin. Walter bruce willis was born in 1955 in west germany to his ge. He breaks some top secret code that someone put into a word puzzle. Guru jay if youre an upcoming action actor study bruce williss onscreen behavior and mannerisms. Oct 12, 2016 ben afflecks new thriller the accountant plays up the positives in portraying an adult with autism. In order to safe the code, simon need to be killed. Directed by harold becker, the movie is based on ryne douglas. The social stigma and discrimination of autistic children is present in the movie miracle run. Bruce willis biography and filmography bruce willis movies. Art jeffries bruce willis is an undercover fbi agent who has to protect simon, a nine year old autistic boy who is targeted by hit men after cracking a top secret government code.

Heres a list of 36 of the best movies and tv shows about autism for all ages and links to watch them. The sixth sense is a 1999 american supernatural psychological thriller film written and directed by m. A girl who lives in a house next door befriends the teenager. The rest of the movie follows simon, art, the fbi and the nsa through to the resolution of this problem. There are two great acting performances in this film. Enter the rogue fbi agent bruce willis with the heart of gold, and watch the testosterone take over. Obviously, the rain man was a great movie staring tom cruise and dustin hoffman.

May 02, 2017 obviously, the rain man was a great movie staring tom cruise and dustin hoffman. Fbi agent art jeffries bruce willis, whod been recently discredited by the agency as punishment for whistleblowing, became determined to protect simon, whom he believed was the target of an assassins plot. Initially, she becomes his friend, but later she becomes his tutor. Apr 17, 2010 movie with autistic child who breaks secret code.

Jump to navigation jump to search this list includes a list of references, but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Bruce willis movie helped me diagnosed my autistic son. Bruce willis movies are always satisfying because they are about wish fulfillment he gets to do what most of us wish we could. Willis is the oldest of four children with a sister named florence and two brothers, robert deceased and david. He plays the little guy who manages to topple entire government agencies, drug cartels and even aliens who are corrupt to their bones and he gets to punch the filthy, perfectly coiffed, pampered, cleanontheoutside. These are all movies we have enjoyed watching in the past and have found many of them very moving and inspirational. Ive never seen a movie star more reserved and intense at the same time. A tale of friendship between two unlikely pen pals.

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